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Atlanta, Georgia
June 15-16, 1999


  1. A concert of praise presented by the Riverside Mass Choir & Orchestra, Riverside Baptist Church and satellite congregations, Denver, Colorado, was directed by Joel Allen (CO), minister of music and worship, Riverside Baptist Church, Denver.

  2. Joel Allen led congregational praise and worship.

  3. Dean Nichols (AK), pastor, First Baptist Church, Kenai, led in prayer.

  4. President Paige Patterson announced the time for the third election of officers for second vice president.

  5. Stan Coffey (TX) nominated Jerry Spencer (AL) for second vice president.

  6. Zach Zbinden (GA) nominated Paul Russell (FL).

  7. Lee Porter instructed Convention messengers through the ballot vote.

  8. A theme interpretation entitled "He beheld the city and wept" was given by Charles Lyons (IL), pastor, Armitage Baptist Church, Chicago.

  9. Ken Whitten, chairman, began the third report of the Committee on Order of Business by announcing that the following motions dealt with the internal operations of ministries of an entity of the Convention. Under SBC Bylaw 26, these motions are automatically referred by the Committee on Order of Business as follows: to the Executive Committee: Barrett (Item 75), Key (Item 78), Cochran (Item 79), Kepler (Item 81), Moore (Item 88), Hatcher (Item 93), Jones (Item 97); to the Annuity Board: Meister (Item 77); to the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission: Craft (Item 82), Rowe (Item 96); to LifeWay Christian Resources: Parson Item (83), Kennedy (Item 84); to the North American Mission Board: Kaemmerling (Item 85), Drake (Item 95); and to all entities: Thompson (Item 91).

  10. The chairman continued the report by announcing that it has been the Convention’s long-standing practice to refer certain types of motions, especially those which would affect the SBC Constitution or Bylaws, to the Executive Committee for its consideration. Motion to refer to the Executive Committee the following motions carried: Waldorff (Item 56), Henson (Item 80), Moran (Item 86), Everson (Item 87), and Long (Item 89).

  11. The Committee on Order of Business ruled the following motions out of order: Philbeck (Item 55), Scott (Item 90), and Edge (Item 94).

  12. Pinckney motion (Item 18) regarding the appointment of a study committee of the Baptist Faith and Message was brought to the floor for consideration.

  13. T. C. Pinckney (VA) spoke in favor of his motion.

  14. A. J. Smith (KY) spoke in favor of the motion.

  15. The Convention voted by hand. The chair ruled that a ballot vote was necessary.

  16. President Paige Patterson reread the motion and recognized Lee Porter for the ballot vote.

  17. Lee Porter instructed the convention on use of their ballots.

  18. John L. Yeats (OK), SBC recording secretary, read into the record the submitted resolutions.

  19. Motion (Item 24) for the Convention to take a straw poll regarding changing the name of the Southern Baptist Convention to the International Baptist Convention.

  20. Barber spoke in favor of his motion.

  21. James McCullen (MO) offered an amendment to read "Scriptural Baptist Convention."

  22. Darril Deaton (CT) spoke against the amendment.

  23. The amendment failed.

  24. Jeff Johnson (NM) spoke against Barber’s motion (Item 24).

  25. Motion failed.

  26. Randall Jones (SC) was recognized by President Paige Patterson for a Point of Personal Privilege. Jones asked for an adjustment to the temperature of the convention hall. The President referred the matter to the SBC staff.

  27. Joel Allen led congregational praise and worship.

  28. Robert E. (Bob) Reccord (GA), president, Alpharetta, presented the North American Mission Board report.

  29. Lee Porter was recognized and announced the results of the ballot for second vice president. 3523 ballots were cast: Spencer received 1817 votes, Russell received 1706.

  30. President Paige Patterson declared Jerry Spencer as second vice president.

  31. Lee Porter was recognized and results of the ballot for Pinckney’s motion (Item 18) to appoint a committee to review the Baptist Faith and Message. 4294 ballots were cast: 2327 For, 1963 Against.

  32. President Paige Patterson declared that Pinckney’s motion carried.

  33. President Paige Patterson called for a Point of Personal Privilege to have special prayer by the Convention for Robert E. (Bob) Reccord.

  34. A North American Mission Board Presentation was given by Robert E. (Bob) Reccord using video and personal testimonies. The parents of Kassie Barnell, student martyr from Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, gave personal testimony. The presentation included a challenge: (1) Every Christian can share Christ; (2) Every Christian home can be a lighthouse of prayer; (3) Every church can start a new church.

  35. John Kuespert (MA), director of missions, New England Baptist Association, Northboro, gave the benediction to close the Tuesday evening session

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