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 KEC=KY Expo Ctr                             

CP=Crowne Plaza

Luncheon/Function Name


Location Level Date Time
Campbellsville University CP Russell/Shelby 2nd 6/23 5:30pm
Children's Conference KEC East Hall A 1st 6/22  
Clear Creek Alumni CP Coronet Ballroom A 1st 6/23 8:30pm
Convention Sessions KEC South Wing A 1st 6/23-24  
COSBE Pastors' Reception KEC South C108  1st 6/21 9pm
COSBE Worship Service KEC South C201-203 2nd 6/21 9am
Criswell College CP Crowne Ballroom A 1st 6/23 Noon
Cross Books CP  Crowne Ballroom C 1st 6/24 7am
Exhibits KEC North Wing 1st 6/22-24 8am
Fellowship of Baptist World Ministries CP Crowne Ballroom C 1st 6/22 6:30am
Filipino Southern Baptist Reunion KEC South C201 2nd 6/23 10am
Golden Gate Seminary KEC South C202 2nd 6/24 Noon
Hispanic Conference Luncheon KEC South C203 2nd 6/22 Noon
Hispanic Pastors & Leaders KEC South C201 2nd 6/22 8am
Hispanic Women's Conference KEC South C202 2nd 6/22 8am
Illionois Baptist Reception KEC South C108 1st 6/23 9pm
IMB State Convention Presidents CP Shelby 2nd 6/24 7am
Liberty University Reception KEC South C108 1st 6/23 5pm
Louisiana Lagniappe KEC South C108 1st 6/23 7am
Luther Rice University Alumni KEC South C204 2nd 6/23 Noon
Mid-America Seminary KEC South C202-203 2nd 6/23 7am
Mid-Continent University CP Russell/Shelby 2nd 6/20  
Mid-Continent University CP Coronet B 1st 6/23 Noon
Midwestern Seminary KEC South C203 2nd 6/24 Noon
Ministers' Wives Luncheon KEC South Wing C 1st 6/23 11:30am
Mississippi College Alumni CP Coronet Ballroom B 1st 6/23 8pm
NAMB Annie Luncheon KEC South B104-105 1st 6/23 11:30am
NAMB Chaplaincy Luncheon KEC South C205 2nd 6/22 11:30am
NAMB Chaplaincy Commissioning KEC South B110 1st 6/21 4pm
NAMB Crossover Training CP Shelby/Russell 2nd 6/19 6:30pm
NAMB Missional Ntwrk/Young Leaders KEC South C205 2nd 6/22 4:30pm
NAMB St Executive Directors Dinner KEC South C201 2nd 6/23 5pm
New Orleans Seminary KEC South B102-103 1st 6/24 Noon
Oklahoma Baptist University CP Taylor 2nd 6/23 8:30pm
Pastors' Conference KEC South Wing A 1st 6/21-22  
Pastors' Wives Conference KEC South B101-105 1st 6/22 8am
Prayer Room KEC South C105 1st 6/21-24  
Preschool Childcare KEC East Hall 4 1st 6/21-24  
SBC Fuge KEC East Hall B 1st 6/22-24 1pm
SEBTS-9Marks Reception KEC South B101-102 1st 6/22&23 9pm
Southern Bapt Messianic Fellowship KEC South C205 2nd 6/19-20  
Southeastern Seminary KEC South C204-205 2nd 6/24 Noon
Southwestern Seminary KEC South B104-105 1st 6/24 Noon
State Ethics Leaders CP Perry 1st 6/24 7am
Union University Alumni KEC South B105 1st 6/23 8:30pm
Western Recorder Partnership CP Madison 1st 6/23 5pm




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