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SBC Exhibitor Policy
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1. Primary exhibitors shall be limited to:

a.  The Executive Committee, the SBC entities, the Woman’s Missionary
b.  SBC Approved Committees
c.  State Convention of host state
d.  Colleges, universities, and schools that have continued to demonstrate
      a commitment to the work and purpose of the SBC and have entered
      into a cooperative relationship with the state/regional convention

2. Secondary exhibitors shall be limited to the following on a space available basis:

a.  Luther Rice Seminary
b.  Mid-America Seminary
c.  American Bible Society
d.  Host City for the follwing year

3. Other groups may obtain space if they are sponsored by an SBC entity or Woman’s Missionary Union, or if that SBC entity has Convention responsibility for the area of work represented by the group (i.e., Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists sponsored by the North American Mission Board).

4. Exhibits are to reflect a high standard of quality and be consistent with the work, purpose, and goals of the SBC and the entity securing exhibit space.

5. Exhibit space shall not be granted to any applicant that affirms, approves or endorses homosexual behavior, and/or the use of alcoholic beverages in its programs or on its properties.

6. The Executive Committee shall have the responsibility to ensure that each entity granted exhibit space is consistent with the Constitution, Bylaws, Business and Financial Plan and official action taken by the Southern Baptist Convention.


1. Contact the convention manager and request space for their exhibit. This request must be in writing and submitted not earlier than one year in advance of the annual meeting, not later than December 15 prior to the meeting.

2. After receiving the exhibitor’s packet from the decorator, work with the decorator to secure needed equipment and services.


1. Secure space for the exhibits in the same building complex as the Convention’s plenary sessions. The space is to have a minimum of 90,000 square feet.

2. Select a decorating firm and negotiate a contract for the exhibits.

3. Work with the decorator in designing the layout and color scheme for the exhibit hall.

4. Develop a security plan for the exhibit hall and contract for the appropriate security services.

5. Contact those requesting exhibit space and notify them of the following:

a.  Exhibit schedule
b.  Set-up and tear-down procedures
c.  Color scheme of exhibit hall
d.  Billing procedures
e.  Special exhibit hall rules and limitations set by the building owner
      information concerning procedures related to the decorating firm


1. The exhibits are to operate on a cost-recovery basis. Exhibitors will be billed by the Executive Committee on a cost-per-square-foot basis. The cost per square foot should be sufficient to recover the cost of the rental of the exhibit hall, security services, general decorating services (i.e., basic drapes and signs), and janitorial services. All exhibitors will pay the same rate per square foot of exhibit space.

2. The decorator will directly invoice the exhibitor for equipment and services rendered.


1. Work with the convention manager in designing the exhibit layout. Produce working drawings of the exhibit plan.

2. Prepare for each exhibitor a packet of materials outlining services and equipment provided by their firm.

3. Provide exhibitors with equipment and services as requested.

4. Provide back and side draping and an identifying sign for each exhibit booth.

5. Provide shipping and temporary storage facilities for exhibitor’s materials.

6. Work with the convention manager to establish set-up and tear-down procedures.

7. Invoice exhibitors for equipment services used in their exhibit.

Revised 9/2004



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